NASI TEMPONG : Fire On My Plate!

Nasi Tempong

Never mess with sambal if you don’t want to burn your tongue. At least this was how I thought when I tried one of Banyuwangi cuisine – Nasi Tempong. It was not just an ordinary food with a simple appearance but it was a food with an extremely spiciness flavor.

Nasi Tempong is a plate of rice contains various types of side dishes that you can choose in accordance to your taste. So what made it fiery? Wait until your tongue is touched by the burning sauce which made from raw chilis mixed with secret ingredients.

I ordered a plate of Nasi Tempong completed with an egg, a fried chicken, fried tempeh & tofu, a salted fish, and some other raw vegetables. The sambal should be watered over the vegetables but I requested it to be served separately. Honestly… I couldn’t bear the spiciness that seemed to be burning my appetite out.

Started with a small poke and the chili seeds seemed like grenades that exploded in my mouth…

“Hell in my tongue !”

Suddenly I cried while others were enjoying their meals with a poker face. This food completely perfect for the spicy hunter.

If you want to visit Banyuwangi, The most famous restaurant is Warung Nasi Tempong Mbok Nah, located at Jl. Kertosari, Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia. Not far from the restaurant there was also a shop selling a durian coconut ice. Unfortunately it closed on that day.